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Viscose Yarn

Viscose yarn we export is made from multiple strands of thread and it is double spun to give a nice shape. It is suited for home furnishing applications and is popularly used in industries. It is versatile and extremely strong. It can be used for varied knitting and weaving applications.


  • 7`s to 20`s Viscose Yarns for weaving.
  • 7`s to 20`s Viscose Yarn for knitting.

Packaging & Loadability

  • 1.890 Kgs per cone
  • 24 such cones in a carton to make 45.360 Kgs
  • 420 such 5 Ply Seaworthy carton in a 40 Ft Container (19,051.200 Kgs)
  • 210 such 5 Ply Seaworthy carton in a 20 Ft Container (9,525.600 Kgs)