Poly Cotton Yarn

Poly-cotton yarn is a blend of polyester and cotton fibers, combining the characteristics of both materials. This type of yarn is created by spinning together strands of polyester and cotton fibers to produce a versatile and durable yarn with desirable qualities from each component.

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Available Counts 8′s to 40′s Polyester Yarn for Weaving

8′s to 40′s Polyester Yarn for Knitting

Packaging & Loadability

1.890 Kgs per cone
24 such cones in a carton to make 45.360 Kgs
40 Ft Container loadability to be changed as 20,865.6 Kgs
200 such 5 Ply Seaworthy carton in a 20 Ft Container (9,072.0 Kgs)
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