Polyester Yarn

We supply polyester yarn which is widely used in the home furnishing and apparel industry. It can be used in the making of core-spun yarn, banner materials, coated fabrics and conveyor belts. This range is known for its minimal entanglement spacing and is appreciated for single and double weaving.


Available Counts 8′s to 40′s Polyester Yarn for Weaving

8′s to 40′s Polyester Yarn for Knitting

Packaging & Loadability

1.890 Kgs per cone
24 such cones in a carton to make 45.360 Kgs
40 Ft Container loadability to be changed as 20,865.6 Kgs
200 such 5 Ply Seaworthy carton in a 20 Ft Container (9,072.0 Kgs)
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